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Accidents don’t always just “happen”. Sometimes, a person’s clear lack of caution causes an innocent party to sustained life changing injuries. Even though an injured party might not have control over how or when accidents occur, they do have control over how they respond to such unfortunate events.

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The physical, emotional, and financial losses of a personal injury caused by another party’s negligence deserve thorough and careful legal consideration. With the help and guidance provided by Hamassian Law, APC you may recover for medical expenses, lost income due to lost time at work, other financial losses, pain and suffering or emotional distress, or wrongful death damages.

Based in Los Angeles, our experienced attorneys of Hamassian Law, APC are strongly dedicated to fighting for our clients in order to obtain the best resolution possible, whether through a favorable settlement or trial. If you or someone you know is in need of legal representation involving a personal injury or wrongful death matter, Hamassian Law, APC is ready to assist you. Give us a call today for a free consultation!


In a blink of an eye, a car accident can destroy your life. Millions of Americans are injured every year in motor vehicle accidents, especially in Los Angeles due to the continuous population increase. Whether the accident is major or not, the injuries you sustain as a result of another driver’s negligence deserve to be investigated thoroughly to ensure a complete financial recovery.

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Sometimes, motor vehicle accident victims do not seek legal help because they might feel they are not entitled to compensation for their injuries. At Hamassian Law, APC we understand that speaking with an attorney or suing someone can be intimidating, that is why we will be there for you step by step. We recognize that a motor vehicle accident can lead to unexpected financial burdens such as medical expenses, loss of earnings (time missed from work), and other burdens. Therefore, our experienced attorneys and staff will help you secure the best medical treatments, access your accident, calculate your losses, negotiate with the insurance company, and ultimately, help maximize the compensation you recover.

Being a victim of a motor vehicle accident is stressful enough, let us help you recover for the compensation you deserve while you take the time you need to recover from your injuries. Give us a call today for a free consultation!


A dog might not always be a man’s best friend. Being attacked by a dog can be an extremely traumatic event. Regardless of whether the dog is strange or familiar, dog bite injuries can be very painful and often require extensive and costly medical treatment. Thousands of Americans are bitten by dogs every year, and unfortunately most of these victims are children.

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Under California law, a dog owner will be held strictly liable for injuries when his or her dog bites another person. When the victim was in a public place or lawfully on private property, including the property of the dog owner, the owner of the dog will be automatically responsible for any damages the victim suffers from the attack. Even if the animal has never shown acts of violence in the past or its owner was not aware of the dog’s vicious tendencies, the owner will still be held liable under California law.

At Hamassian Law, APC our experienced team will carefully listen to your story and outline all options available to you. We will answer all of your questions and ensure that you understand everything that is happening throughout the progression of your case. If you or a loved one is injured because of a dog bite, Hamassian Law, APC can help you recover the compensation you deserve for your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Give us a call today for a free consultation!


All property owners, including both private owners and the government, have a legal duty to ensure their premises are safe. Thousands of people are injured every year by slipping and falling as a result of a hazardous condition on someone else’s residential or commercial property.

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Whether you slipped on a wet floor in a shopping mall, tripped on debris at a grocery store, or fell on a broken step at a neighbor’s home, your injuries can be severe and life changing. If you are uncertain about where to turn and what to do, Hamassian Law, APC is here to help. We are highly skilled and compassionate about our cases and dedicated to helping injured victims.

If you or someone you love has been seriously injured or killed because a property owner failed to properly maintain their premises and take adequate safety measures, you need representation by a qualified premises liability attorney. These cases can become complicated very quickly, often involving multiple parties with multiple insurance carriers. At Hamassian Law, APC, we will carefully investigate your case to identify all parties who may be held liable for your injuries. We will locate all available avenues for compensation and work to build the strongest possible case on your behalf. We know what it takes to negotiate a fair settlement and we will aggressively try your case before a judge or jury if an appropriate settlement cannot be achieved. Give us a call today for a free consultation!


Product liability refers to holding a manufacturer or seller liable for placing a dangerous or defective product in the market. Product defects can arise from design, manufacturing, or product marketing. In general terms, the law requires that a product meet certain expectations consumers have.

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When a product has an unexpected defect or danger, the product cannot be said to meet those certain expectations.

Product liability actions are complex, and establishing legal fault often requires the assistance and testimony of experts. Additionally, every state has its own laws that will affect a product liability action. If you or a loved one has suffered an injury caused by a potentially defective product, Hamassian Law, APC will be able to answer your questions and protect your interests to the fullest extent. Give us a call today for a free consultation!


Suffering damage to your home is one of the most shattering experiences someone can go through because our homes are our safe space. Damage to your precious home or commercial property as a result of water loss, fire, flood, earthquakes, landslides, toxic issues, burglary, or vandalism is devastating.

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Fortunately, the experienced attorneys and staff at Hamassian Law, APC are here to help. We have years of experience in fighting insurance carriers that often fail or unrightfully refuse to reimburse property owners for the damage caused to their property. Hamassian Law, APC has the proper tools and knowledge to end the nightmare of property damage. We will ensure that you are compensated for the repair of your property, loss of use of your property, relocation costs until repair of your property is complete, loss of profit, and damage to any of your personal belongings. Give us a call today for a free consultation!


Let’s talk business. At Hamassian Law, APC we understand the hard work you put into building your business. Therefore, we are dedicated to protecting your rights in a wide variety of business litigation and commercial litigation matters.

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Our Business Services include but are not limited to:

  • Business Formation (CLICKABLE TO GO DOWN TO SECTION)
  • Business Transactions/Contracts (CLICKABLE TO GO DOWN TO SECTION)
  • Business Disputes and Litigation (CLICKABLE TO GO DOWN TO SECTION)


Starting a business can be both an exciting yet an intimidating experience. However, the attorneys at Hamassian Law, APC have the knowledge to provide the smoothest and most thorough process possible to ensure your business and legal interests are fully protected.

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There are vital legal steps to be taken to prevent future lawsuits, disputes, and threats to your business. The first step in ensuring that both your business and you, the owner, are protected is to create a proper entity recognized by law. While that may sound confusing, the experienced attorneys at Hamassian Law, APC will help you through each legal business step, analyze your needs, business ventures, and the parties to the venture in order to assist in the formation of business entities including:

  • Partnerships
  • Limited Partnerships (LLPs)
  • Limited Liability companies (LLCs)
  • S-corporations
  • C-corporations

Let us help you turn your business goals into realty. Give us a call us today for a free consultation!


The expertise of the business law attorney that you choose can make a huge impact in how your affairs are handled. The qualified and experienced attorneys at Hamassian Law, APC, provide multiservice counseling for clients throughout all stages of business transactions including but not limited to...

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  • Business Planning
  • Asset Purchase Agreements
  • Stock Purchase Agreements
  • Shareholder’s Agreements
  • Commercial Leases
  • Release and Waivers 


In an ideal situation, a business is created amongst partners who work passionately and fairly together to achieve the same goal or concept. Unfortunately, the reality for many business owners is that the greatest threat to your business may not your competitors, but rather a dispute with your business partners.

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If you are experiencing a serious dispute with your partner that is escalating and affecting your business operations, you must implement immediate measures to secure your business and the equity interests that you have worked so long and hard to create.

At Hamassian Law, APC we assist businesses with a variety of business dispute matters. A business dispute can result in lost profits and collapse of the business. However, careful planning with an experienced attorney can minimize the possibility of such catastrophic outcomes. On the other hand, sometimes such disputes render no choice to the owner(s) of the business but to file a lawsuit in order to protect the business. In either scenario, it is important to retain an experienced attorney to protect your business and investment. If you are involved in a business dispute, give us a call today for a free consultation!